Bruce Miles

Storyteller - Actor - Narrator

Bruce Miles

Storyteller - Actor - Narrator

The Customers Always Write

“Thank you for a job extremely well done. You added new dimensions of character and humor with your talents.”  - Sam Torode, author

“hahaaaa! He did it! Man, this is wisdom! How freaking charming 😀  I want this dude to tell me a bedtime story like this ;)" - Will Loconto, Producer

“Your VO is tremendous!!! Just fantastic!! Your read and voice were the perfect fit for this project.” - CBD Productions, Orlando

“Thanks Bruce… Sounds great… I love your voice.” - Widevox, Sweden

“Your consistency and wonderful, warm voice always continue to increase the production value of our work.” - Stagepost Studios, Nashville

“Fantastic job! Above and beyond the call of duty. You're awesome! You really brought this spot to life!” - Strategic Storytelling


If only electing the President was this easy now:

These kids steal the show, but I don't mind: