Who is this Guy?

Bruce has been an actor for over 40 years in Television, Film, Radio, Theater and now behind the mic in his own studio in Portlandia. He’s a credible Storyteller for things fanciful to technical. While he is not a Zoo, he has played almost every Animal you can imagine, for adults as well as kids. As a life-long performing Actor, he brings Characters and normal people to life.


Bruce also relishes the Technical read, easily handling complex Medical and Scientific Narration. He’s a persuader too, recording hundreds of Political commercials each election year and many more in between. His national work this past year includes voiceovers for Wheat Thins, a series of Target Christmas commercials, and Mary Brown’s Famous Chicken and Taters, big you know in Canada, eh?



The Customers Always Write

"Thank you for a job extremely well done. You added new dimensions of character and humor with your talents.” - Sam Torode, author

“hahaaaa! He did it! Man, this is wisdom! How freaking charming. I want this dude to tell me a bedtime story like this! - Will Loconto, Animation Producer

“Your VO is tremendous!!! Just fantastic!! Your read and voice were the perfect fit for this project.” - CBD Productions, Orlando

“Thanks Bruce… Sounds great… I love your voice.” - Widevox, Sweden

“Your consistency and wonderful, warm voice always continue to increase the production value of our work.” - Stagepost Studios, Nashville

“Fantastic job! Above and beyond the call of duty. You're awesome! You really brought this spot to life!” - Strategic Storytelling